Real Photo Picture Schedules {video tutorial}

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Sometimes us special ed teachers can get stuck in a rut. We make these things, these way, in this order. Because. Just because. Just because that’s the way we’ve always done and that’s the way it ‘should be.’ I’m guilty of it too. We get stuck in our ways and we forget to push ourselves and our students. We forget to think beyond the way things ‘are’ and think about what is the most functional for our kids.

I ran into this issue with a teacher I am working with. We were making pictures schedules for her class and she admitted that she didn’t really like Boardmaker. Gasp. The horror. How insane. To not like Boardmaker? And honestly – I saw her point. Don’t get me wrong – I’m Boardmaker obsessed. But for her high school classroom – using cartoon figures wasn’t the most age appropriate route. So we got creative. We created real photo pictures schedules using only google image and powerpoint. That’s it! Only that! And guess what? It was one of the quickest resources I’ve made and I love how it turned out.

I actually cannot allow teachers outside of my district to observe in my classroom. I have gotten too many requests and my principal is not comfortable with it.

The Autism Helper - Real Photo Schedulesd


You want to make one too? I thought so. Don’t worry! I made you a tutorial so you can see how easy breezy this is! No boardmaker? No problem!


  1. Thank you Sasha! Excellent tutorial that I will definitely be using. I like real pictures better than cartoonish for some of my students as well.

  2. You are very welcome 🙂

  3. Great idea. I made one for my four year old for a home schedule.

  4. Aww love that!


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