Reading Comprehension Work Tasks

Yep, you read that title right. Reading comprehension in a work task? I thought work tasks were supposed to be boring and easy (insert sarcastic voice here). I am a huge advocate of challenging your students. Or kids need to learn the skill to rise to a challenge and take on a hard task. The more times they do that successfully, the better they will be at it. We tend to shy away from a challenge. We don’t want to rock the boat. We don’t want to make our students mad. In my experience, I’ve actually found that many kids enjoy the hard task and new obstacle. When you provide support and scaffold to that harder skill, many students enjoy the challenge. So apply this concept to your work tasks. Add in those academic skills. Let me share my newest and most favorite (I say that about all of my resources) set of work tasks – the Reading Comprehension Work Task Mega Pack.

This resource includes detailed instructions for setup, visuals, labels, and directions for use for 20 work tasks.These activities include a range of skills such as matching words to pictures to answering wh- questions to identifying context clues. Reading comprehension is a huge area of difficulty for many students when it comes to literacy skills. You want to fit in as much practice with these concepts as you can!

Sorting Wh- Questions

You know this task has my heart. Answering wh- questions is something that so many kids struggle with and it becomes a major roadblock to their success in reading, social skills, and academics in general. This task teaches the common themes and threads in the answers to each type of wh- question. This is a critical skill when learning to identify the answer to give to a question.

Matching Dolch Words to Pictures

This task is massive on purpose. You have some options, you can divide it into a few small tasks or keep it as one massive unit. I like the puzzle style because you can’t memorize the order the pictures go in you have to really know what the pictures mean. This is great for assessment reading comprehension for students with limited verbal skills.

Fill in the Paragraph

This task is compact but packs a big punch. Students need to read the entire paragraph and fill in the missing words. I like the length of this task and that reading the whole paragraph is required. Discriminating between common sight words to determine the correct word placement is a skill many students need practice with!

Sort by True and False

This one is tricky! Read the statement and sort under true or false. But, each visual has two different sentence cards. So you can’t memorize that the knife picture always goes under true because there is one true statement about a knife and one false statement about a knife. This task targets inferencing, test taking skills, and reading comprehension all in one!

Match the Sentence to the Picture

To be honest, this is where this whole resource started! I made a similar product as a free resource through the newsletter last year and had a ton of request for more items like this. I ended up using this with several in-home clients because it was a great way to work on reading comprehension for students with minimal or no verbal skills!

Find Four Synonyms

Here is another long task. Remember, in independent work we want to teach work endurance. We want our kids to learn how to work on their own for longer and longer time periods. Don’t shy away from the long task. It will teach an important life skill. This activity requires students to find four synonyms for each word! Love some of the hard ones in here!

Check out the rest of the work tasks included in this resource the Reading Comprehension Work Task Mega Pack in the video preview below:


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