Rainbow Writing

Just want a share another easy setup fine motor task. My lowest “guided reading” group is mostly focused on letter/ sound recognition and writing skills. We do lots of pre-writing activities to build fine motor abilities such as simple sorting, tracing sheets, stickers, mazes, and putty. We of course also do a lot of writing. The biggest focus of legibility it writing their name. I know practice makes perfect but sometimes practice can get so … boring? We like to do a rainbow writing and incorporate a little color identification (another IEP goal!) into this task!

There are a few ways we do this. One way is writing from sample with different colors!

Another is using a color cue to write the name in that color.

I also love using highlighters to trace and retrace words or letters. I pick up this AWESOME freebie (highlight-a-letter) from Babbling Abby on TpT and love it. We use it for down time in my group while I am setting up the next activity. You know I’ve gotta keep those busy hands entertained. We trace the letters in multiple colors to reinforce this motor pattern!


If you want a quick homework idea for your students who are lower functioning – this is perfect!


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