Quiet Reading Book Selection Prompt!

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My higher students complete an independent morning routine while my aides and I work one on one with the students who are lower functioning and need more attention. Developing good systems like this is IMPERATIVE to a well run classroom. You need appropriate and beneficial independent work systems so you can get some of your kiddos out of your hair and then are able to work one on one and really focus on some skill development. Independent work system doesn’t necessarily¬†mean the typical 3 bin work tasks. My students independent morning routine consists of board work, journal, an academic sorting activities, quiet reading, and a game. No colored bear counting for us (check out post for thorough description).

Quiet reading isn’t the super silent reading extravaganza I’d love it to be, but we are getting there. It’s a process. We usually call it whisper reading. But any exposure and interaction with books is great for me. I like to embed as many mini schedules and routines into my work systems as my students can handle. Because that’s life right? Everyone’s multitasking and there is a process to everything. This also leads to your students being more independent!

The problem was I always forget to switch out my kid’s quiet reading books. And how boring is it to read the same set for multiple weeks, right?

The solution was any embedded schedule. Because I didn’t want just want them to pick any ole’ books. Some of my kids are wise enough to choose the super easy ones – and I want them to be reading at their appropriate level. I like a few challenge ones thrown in there too. So I made written out prompt cards for my students to select new quiet reading books each week. One of my students puts all the books away during our Friday-cleanpalooza (what a great and functional sorting task!). Then they get new books every Monday – by themselves!


I laminated them so I can write with dry erase marker and adjust as the students move through levels. I stored each car in their quiet reading basket where they keep their books!


They follow the prompt and select books from leveled library!



Download this prompt card for free: i need new quiet reading books.



  1. The link didn’t work for the Quiet Reading Prompt. Can you fix it? Also, how do you determine what level your books are? Is there like a list of books at each level or something? I have a ton of library books, but I don’t know which level they are. Thanks!

  2. Fixed it! Sorry about that!

  3. It takes FOREVER to level books. Scholastic’s website is the best one – usually you can find a lot there. Sometimes on amazon too they will say the level. I finally got frustrated with not finding the levels for books – so I just made my best guess!


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