One of my favorite parts of the Leveled Daily Work is that is sets up a complete station of the classroom in one quick setup. You can print the daily work sheets or post them on a smartboard or iPad and photocopy the student response pages and you are done. Having the different levels allows for differentiation. I think this works really well as a paraprofessional run station. I also like using it as an independent station and have students check and review the pages during group work or teacher time.

The structure stays the same and content changes.

Although there are 4 different levels that include a completely different set of skills and concepts, there is one arching theme that stays the same. Within each resource, the structure stays the same and the content changes. The layout, activities, and process goes in the same order with the prompts in the same spots. But there is different content each day. I think this helps students learn the setup more quickly, complete the activities independently more easily, and focus on learning the new material.

A little something for everyone…

Each Leveled Daily Work set has 180 daily work pages, so there is one page a day for the whole year. Assign the a student job to switch out the page each day. Level 1 focuses on basic skills like copying words, counting, identifying colors, and copying a picture. I love the repetition of this set. It’s perfect for students with emerging writing skills. Level 2 works on basic questions, foundational phonics, counting, wh- questions, writing a complete sentence, and vocabulary building. This level is SO fun. I love seeing the progression throughout the year. Level 3 adds a social/emotional component and incorporates some problem solving along with more advanced math, grammar, editing, and writing a paragraph. Level 4 is the newest level and targets inferencing, advanced language concepts, emotions, vocabulary, word problems, story elements, and more complex math.

Photocopy and go.

The student response pages are the same each day. Photocopy a whole big stack and be prepped for the next few weeks. I like to put them in student binders and have a tab specifically for these pages.

You can display the daily work page on the iPad, printed, or on a smart board. This setup is so smooth, is planned for the whole year, and provides so much valuable learning and generalization each day!

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