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Last year I shared my new found love of Anchor Charts. Yes this self-contained autism classroom teacher who can barely handle writing on the dry erase board in a straight line loves anchor charts. This special ed teacher who would much rather take ABC data than grade a spelling test. This behavior analyst who would rather wait out a tantrum than setup a bulletin board. Yes. Yes, that’s me. I also love anchor charts.

Anchor charts are so effective for the autism population because it is a built in prompt. It’s going to do our job for us. No more reminding or verbal prompt. The prompt is plastered all over the wall. Anchor charts teach children to problem solve. Don’t go ask the teacher for the answer – find the answer yourself. My custodians took most of my anchor charts down over the summer while cleaning and when we talked about homophones the first week of school this year – every tiny head whipped around to the place on the wall that the homophone/homonym anchor had been. It was awesome. They knew where to find the prompt they needed.


Reference sheets are mini anchor charts and I love them just as much. Reference chart can be used as reminders for all sorts of information. I want to share a few that I have been loving!

Color & Number Word Reference Charts

  • This reference page is part of my Level 1 Leveled Daily Work. We use it all the time in the morning. We have also thrown them in work station bins with file folders for students who may need a reference for some academic work tasks!




Morning Work Reference Page

  • My colleague had a few kiddos who still need some prompts on some of their morning work. Instead of spending loads of time making reference pages we completed each of the pages they had issues with and took a photo of it. Then we put all four photos on page and printed it out! An instant reference page for any difficult work! Works like a charm and made a huge difference in student independence and behavior!





  1. This is great, thanks

  2. Thanks for reading! It’s been super helpful for us!

  3. Ooh! I love the idea of taking pictures of the finished product to help with independent task completion. I know just the student this will benefit. Thank you!

  4. Great to hear 🙂

  5. Do you have your reference sheets posted to copy or for sale? I would love to use these!

  6. I am in the process of making some 🙂


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