Quick and Easy Fine Motor Task

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I had planned to do a big post to follow up my discrete trial post from yesterday about the importance of using multiple exemplars – and I know you all just dying with anticipation with that one (sarcasm). However, while I am strongly advocating to get an extra two hours added to each day the imaginary board of trustees of the time has rejected that notion – so it’ll be short and sweet today.

I did this great fine motor task with two of my kiddos yesterday and loved it! It was a bit of an on-the-fly idea that took literally zero minutes prep time and required time and concentration from my guys. Bam.

I used to use these cool worksheets I did all the time with a student I had a few years ago that had circles in the design of a picture and the students would have to put stickers in the circles. But dang! These days it’s hard for me to even find time to run to the copier. Ugh. While working with my lowest ‘reading’ group (we mostly work on alphabet recognition, prewriting/tracing, and group behaviors), I busted out a similar idea.

I threw a bunch of dots all around a piece of scrap paper and my students placed the stickers on the dots. It really takes of a lot of dexterity, concentration, and time to take off the small stickers and place them on the correct spot. Perfect for my guys who need all the practice they can get on fine motor skills!


Then I made it a little trickier and added different colored dots so they had to work on matching the correct color sticker – threw in a little discrimination!


By the way: I just had my last grad class for the semester last night! Wahoo! … that may explain my lack of time. Super excited for a few weeks without classes 🙂


  1. I’ve done this often with my lower kiddos. They love it. I usually do some type of holiday sticker activity as well (usually that Friday before a holiday). I’ve also learned which stickers to stay away from (harder to peel and causes quite a bit of frustration with one particular student). YIKES!

  2. Ohh yea I could totally see that! I also had to switch some up because they were a little TOO challenging. I love the idea of holiday stickers!


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