Q-Tip Fall Trees {my favorite fall craft!}

Let me admit this right up front. This is stolen from pinterest (follow me!). For sure stolen. I’m clearly not this creative and cutesy. I try but luckily I don’t need to – pinterest does it for me 🙂 Woohoo. These trees turned out super adorable and could be done by all of my students. Cute, check. Accessible for all levels, check. Works on fine motor, check. Had all supplies on hand, check. Looks like this one is Autism Helper approved, folks.

I did this craft in a few small groups with the help of my speech therapist for some of the bigger groups. With the higher groups, we talked about the leaves changing, mixing colors, and some tree vocabulary (trunk, branches, leaves, etc.). Mixing the colors turned out to be really fun for some of the kids. They got into making ‘new’ colors. Even my students who are lower functioning did SO well with this. Taking their time, maintaining attention, and following instructions. Of course, we incorporated lots of requesting as always 🙂











The final projects:























Now what shall I steal from pinterest next?? hmmm….



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