This month we are talking about foundational skills and this topic would’t be complete without talking about Put-In Tasks. A Put-In Task is a work task where (you guessed it!) the student is putting something in. There is no sorting, no matching, no assembling, no sequencing. It’s one basic fine motor movement. Pick up items and put them somewhere. This basic fine motor task is essential to teach our younger and foundational level learners how to work independently, how to increase work endurance, and attending. These tasks are very concert – there is a clear start and ending point. You can increase the length and difficulty by using smaller and more items. You can work on generalization by making a lot of different versions of these tasks.

Pro Tip!

You can make so many variations of these tasks using recycled items. Do a “work task” drive in your school and send out an email or post a sign in the office asking for extra containers. The best ones are coffee creamer, spices, toddler snack (puffs), clorox wipes, baby wipes, etc.

I did a call out for some put-in tasks and got the best responses! Check out all of the amazing ideas that were sent in:

Amazing ideas, right!? These are cheap to make and extremely effective and useful! Also check out Gabrielle’s post on Teaching Special Thinkers. She has a ton of great ideas too!

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