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When I heard that The Autism Helper had paired with the developer of the VB-MAPP and was making perfectly aligned products to use with the assessment, I literally screamed with excitement! The VB-MAPP is my favorite assessment and one that I relied on frequently as a classroom teacher. As an administrator, it is an optional assessment provided to my teachers to use for those teaching appropriate populations.

The VB Mapp assesses a child’s mand, tact, echoic, intraverbal, listener, motor imitation, independent play, social play, visual perceptual, matching, and early academic skills. The Autism Helper has released a VB-MAPP Assessment Kit, along with various task card bundles and a mega bundle. The VB-Mapp Assessment Kit is perfect for someone wanting to use the VB-MAPP Assessment, but in need of testing materials. This assessment includes everything you need to efficiently use the assessment without the stress of finding materials or making your own. Keep in mind that some real objects will also be necessary to complete the VB-MAPP correctly.

To help you stay organized, materials are color coded and come with directions on how to store and use in your classroom. Corresponding data sheets are labeled and pair perfectly, including observation sheets. The kit includes visuals, activities, and task cards to give the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment. The assessment kit includes parent questionnaires that can be sent home – making data collection even more simple. Once your student is assessed, The Autism Helper Task Card bundles provide materials for working on skills identified by the assessment. Want to purchase everything at once? The Mega Bundle includes everything you would need to give the assessment and work on identified areas of need.

Reviewing the kit – I am obsessed! My teachers have the option to use this assessment but are often discouraged by the large number of materials and item options needed to complete the assessment. For years I gathered my own objects, pictures, and task cards to work on the assessment – I wish I had been able to pick up an assessment kit like this one instead! The Assessment Kit gives everything you need and directions on how to place the kit in protector sheets and binders, as well as how to set up task cards and matching activities.

Data sheets are also included – observation data, testing data, and a caregiver questionnaire for each level – how awesome is that?! This makes it easy to assess and track before transferring over to the VB-MAPP scoring sheets. The data sheets are approachable, easy to understand, and are great for a new teacher learning how to use the assessment with their students.

If you’re considering purchasing this let me reassure you – it is worth it! Invest in the VB-MAPP Assessment Kit and save time on finding and prepping materials and give yourself more time to actually use the assessment and work with your students. Check out these videos for more product views and information about how The Autism Helper can support you in using the VB-MAPP!

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