Preposition Boards

Learning prepositional concepts is so important for our students but also a challenging skill to teach.  I always have students who are working on this skill.  I would say one of my most go to goals I write for my students involves understanding and following directions involving prepositional concepts.  Teaching all these different prepositional concepts is not always easy.  When initially working on prepositional concepts I often try and use manipulates and activities with real objects.  Then to continue to practice these concepts I use different adapted books, cards, games, or activities.  I needed more material to use with my students so I created these preposition boards.  I’m super excited to use these with my students.  The set contains 80 preposition boards!  Lot and lots of practice on those prepositional concepts for my students!

For these boards I provided a choice of 3 answers and I paired a symbol with each prepositional concept.  I like having the additional visuals for each prepositional concept to help my students understand them.  I used the same visuals for two cards but changed the location of the targeted item.  For example, “The cat is in front of the basket” and then another board with “the cat is behind the basket.”

These preposition boards can be used during speech sessions or teacher time.  Read the card to your student and see if they can provide the correct preposition to fill in the blank.  You might need to read the answer choices to your student if they don’t initially provide the correct preposition.  Point to the dog and ask “where is the dog?”  Then read the sentence “The dog is____ the box.”  If the student doesn’t say “in” right away provide them the choices; “out of”, “under”, or “in”.  Hopefully the visual support helps the student correctly answer.

Using these cards with your students who have AAC devices is a great way for them to practice navigating their device to several different prepositional concepts.  Your student can tell you the location of the item on their AAC device.  The symbols are similar to many AAC devices which provides that additional visual support.  For some students just finding the prepositional concept would be awesome.  I have students working on combining icons and making phrases/sentences so I would have them use the preposition in a phrase.  For example, “in pool” or “boy in pool”.  These boards are going to be really helpful to work with my AAC users on finding/using prepositions on their devices.

You can also have the students complete some cards during their independent work time.  The student can use a dry erase marker or clothes pin to mark the correct answer on the preposition board.  After they complete a set number of cards you can check them. 

If you are interested in these prepositional boards you can find them on TPT with the link – Preposition Boards


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