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Episode 9: Why I Hate the Phrase “Busy Work”

by | Jan 8, 2019

The Autism Helper
The Autism Helper
Episode 9: Why I Hate the Phrase "Busy Work"

Sometimes independent work tasks are mistakenly thought of as “busy work.” Busy work implies something that has the main purpose of being kept occupied. It has minimal functional purpose. Independent work is couldn’t be farther from this. Independent work has the purpose of teaching students to work on their own for a sustained period of time. This is one of the most essential life skills you can teach your student or child. Without being able to work on your own for a sustained time period, you will struggle to maintain a job, contribute to your household, or be part of a community. Independent work is key.

In this episode, learn not only why independent work is so important but how to set this up in a meaningful way in your classroom. Banish the phrase “busy work” from your vocabulary.

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