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Episode 13: You are Your Classroom’s Publicist

by | Feb 4, 2019

Episode 13: You are Your Classroom's Publicist

Back in the day as a new teacher, I thought the bulk of my job would be actually teaching my students. I was so wrong. This job encompasses so much more – managing staff, paperwork, collaborating with clinicians, etc. And now we have one more title to add to the list: publicist. Take a second and think about what most of your school thinks about your students. Does the teacher down the hall know that Sam just mastered his colors after weeks of working on it? Do the other 3rd grade students know that Jenny knows everyone’s birthday in your class? Does everyone see the personalities, quirks, and other great qualities of your students that you experience on a daily basis? The other teachers and students in your school most likely remember the tantrum one of your students had in the middle of an assembly last month. The vice principal remembers that you running down the hallway with a bag of plastic gloves, wipes, and adult diaperswhen you need to toilet on of your students while your paras were at lunch. The rest of the 6th graders remember when your student went around and touched everyone’s ears at gym class. They unfortunately probably don’t have a correct perception of your class. You can’t blame them. People remember the bad things over the good things in general. And sometimes our bad things are pretty loud and dramatic to put it nicely. In this episode, learn how to spread the word about the awesome, amazing, stellar, impressive, and down right fantastic things your kids are doing. Learn how to advocate for your students by educating your entire school community in a positive and proactive why. Be your classroom’s publicist and spread some good PR. Staff Special Education Presentation: https://theautismhelper.com/making-time-for-staff-training-now/?fbclid=IwAR068ZohhMh188oVuTPSWTx7B8yKJgJeb9fTGw1bMD1EsrvhuSre5PbwL5A Autism Awareness Unit: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Autism-Awareness-Unit-Help-Raise-Understanding-and-Knowledge-608226?aref=nfvcvvc3

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