Planting & Gardening Worksheets {free}


There are so many great themes and vocabulary to work on in the spring! I love work on planting and gardening activities this time of year. The vocabulary are functional, everything is super adorable, and it ties in nicely to doing some actual classroom planting. If you aren’t brave enough to tackle classroom planting (yes, I did have dirt in my hair last year when we did this…), the theme is still fun. I have a bunch of freebies for you today. Check it out:


planting unit


Next, are two receptive language worksheets. Check out this post for the variety of ways I use these simple worksheets. You can target almost any goal! Okay fine… not almost any. But a lot, I swear.

planting unit


And finally, two coloring sheets. Seems simple but think of all the things you can work on this coloring – color identification, following single or multi step directions, fine motor skills, turn taking, counting, etc. Possibilities galore. And coloring doesn’t always quite seem like work so you might trick your stubborn kiddos.

planting unit

Download all 3 sets of planting resources here: Planting Worksheets.


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