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Happy New Years Eve All! A short but sweet little shout out today! I post my next two bingos because DANG – January starts TOMORROW! Whoops. I posted my January Bingo and February Bingo just in time for my Last Sale of 2012! So grab it today for 20%.

Why bingo is amazing used (almost daily in my room):

  • My kids can play it on their own! Love when my kiddos engage in some independent socialization. Sigh 🙂 
  • It is great to work on seasonal vocabulary for my guys with emerging verbal skills.
  • I can have my students who are lower functioning interacting with other students in a structured and meaningful way. Bingo is easy enough for a wide range of learners.
  • Works on expressive and receptive language. Boom’
  • These are QUICK to make. I laminate the playing cards and then throw the game boards in top loading sheets. This entire game can be set up in easily under ten minutes. And yes I did time myself. Don’t judge.

January Bingo! Lots of winter vocabulary:

pic 4

February Bingo! So lovely and pink 🙂 –

pic 4

January Bingo Product Preview:

February Bingo Product Preview:

So grab some bingos and a few other goodies at the sale and more importantly have a safe and fun NYE tonight friends 🙂

NYE sale.001


  1. I bought some more of your goods of course!

    I haven’t gotten bingo to work in my class. I have a low student who tries to eat the bingo chips, and thinks it’s really funny. Another student thinks it’s funny to copy that behavior, and before we know it all bingo chips are scattered and we are back to square one! Have you had any of this before? I’m thinking of using velcro- but that’s a whole lot of velcro (aka $$) to use on each little square and chip for each bingo games! I would love to use these, so I’m going to be brainstorming!

  2. Kristin – have you tried having the students make a mark on laminated Bingo pages with a dry or wet erase marker instead of using chips or tangible markers? Just an idea that came to mind…

    Sasha – love the Bingo games! We love Bingo in our room 🙂


  3. That’s an awesome idea Kara! Thanks 🙂 Happy new year!

  4. Yes velcro would be expensive! Ugh! I LOVE Kara’s idea of using a dry erase marker! That would work whether you laminate the pages or put in page protectors (which I like to do to save a little money!).

    One of my guys (lower student) had a REALLY hard time when we first started playing bingo. He obsessed about putting chips on all of the pictures right away and get extremely upset during the game. I used a token economy (mini star) chart for the first few times he played working towards the iPad and gave him tokens for correctly playing game and took tokens away when he had inappropriate behavior. That helped a ton and now he is much better.

    Thanks for your purchases Kristen! Happy new year 🙂

  5. Thank you for the sale…I have bought a bunch of stuff to hope to try out later this week – including January bingo. I have photocopied bingo boards and used daubers before. The hard part is that my kids usually are more interested in just daubing the whole paper than doing it the “right way.”

    I also have a student – my highest functioning – that likes to put EVERYTHING in his mouth. I think it is attention seeking, as it drives me crazy – especially his habit of pulling the old gum from under the cafeteria tables and putting it in his mouth. Fun!

    Happy New Year and thanks for the goodies1

  6. Yes, thank you! I will try that tomorrow. It did cross my mind at one point, but I didn’t think of it again until you mentioned it. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for the help. I’m going to get serious about my token economies when I get back tomorrow!

  8. Thanks for your purchases Michelle! I have a gum grabber too – so gross 😉

  9. Update: January bingo was a hit today! I played with two of my students and made it a fierce competition with a few rounds, and they loved it! I loved to see that they did well with the harder descriptions, and circling with dry erase markers definitely worked. Thanks 🙂


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