Paraprofessional Training Guide – Part 2

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You guys know I LOVE talking about staff training. I can’t stop talking about staff training on my podcast, staff training has its own special tab in my Professional Development Membership, and I sneak it into literally every presentation I do. It’s because it’s THAT important and because it’s THAT hard. There is a multi-million dollar leadership industry for a reason. Leading and managing a team is not easy. And as special education teachers, we are thrown right into that with little preparation and on top of the hundred of other things that we need to do.

Since I have been teaching about staff training so much lately, I decided that my Paraprofessional Training Guide needed a Set 2. There are so many other concepts that you need to discuss with your team. Staff training is a year round endeavor and this is the perfect time of year to add a little more staff training to your life!

I love having a training manual when doing staff training. It takes the pressure off. It gives a set of guidelines and topics. It also is great for your staff who are visual learners and would prefer to read a page. The Paraprofessional Training Manual Set 2 includes 3 staff surveys, training pages on behavior, academics, and independence, and a final assessment. You can set it up as a workbook as I’ve shown or just use the pages you need as you need them! 

What’s included? 

The Paraprofessional Training Guide Set 2 includes the 26 page training guide, 3 surveys, and the assessment. It also includes an editable version so you can make as many changes as you need and really customize this tool for your needs! 

Check out the video preview of this resource: 


  1. Sasha,
    I am presently enrolled at ASU and will graduate with a masters in Special Education in December. The courses I’m taking are solely for taking the BCBA exam. I have been a para for 12 years (I went to work when my own children were in 5th and 8th grade), and I would LOVE to be able to instruct other paras. Sadly, I feel I was the last para hired in the district I work that was offered training that pertained to the children. My question for you is, what credentials are needed to teach, train and model what para’s should and shouldn’t be doing? (I’ve “saved” part 1 and 2 of your handbooks in a folder for a rainy day! Thanks so much for you help!
    Michelle 🙂

  2. Hi Michelle! So I don’t think there are specific credentials needed. I would ask your district if they are willing to let you share what you are learning in your courses!


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