Para Appreciation Day: Ideas to Recognize Our Amazing Paraprofessionals

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Let’s face it, paraprofessionals should be appreciated EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!  We could not manage without these amazing individuals.  They are the glue that holds everything together and without them, we would not be able to do what we do.  

Highlighting the amazing things our paras are doing is so important in order to keep the morale in the classroom.  When I was a para, my lead teacher always went out of her way to show her appreciation for us.  This was something that was very important for me to carry over into my own classroom.  


Staff Favorites

At the beginning of the school year or at some point during the year, have your paras fill out an information sheet.  This will be helpful throughout the school year as you surprise them from time to time with a little something special or to use when you are planning for para appreciation week.  

Click here for a freebie.


Para Appreciation Day

Para Appreciation Day falls on the first Wednesday of April.  Although it is celebrated on one day, I always made an entire week out of it.  Showing appreciation for your paras doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Check out the ideas below to show your paras how much you appreciate them.


Staff Appreciation Treats:

Below, you will find ideas to show your appreciation for the paras and some fun sayings to go along with the treats.

  • Treat bag with some of their favorite snacks and treats
  • Flowers, a plant, or a packet of seeds – Thank you for helping our students grow!
  • Candy Bouquet
  • Gift card to a favorite restaurant, store, etc.
  • Treat your paras to lunch by ordering pizza or sandwiches
  • Bundt Cakes, cookies, or cupcakes from a local bakery
  • Surprise them with their favorite Starbucks drink, Sonic drink, or Mcdonald’s drink
  • Host a breakfast before students arrive with some grab-and-go breakfast foods.
  • Write them a note, mentioning the great things you’ve noticed them doing
  • Lottery tickets or fortune cookies – I am lucky to work with you!
  • All the things that POP: popcorn, pop, pop rocks, blow pops
  • Candle – You Keep Our Classroom Bright!
  • Lifesavers – Thanks for being a lifesaver!
  • Animal Crackers – This place would be a zoo without you!



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