Paint Storage

Anyone else vaguely terrified by art projects? Combining the unpredictability of an autism classroom with paint seems like you are just asking for paint in your hair (it’s happened…). Art projects generally require multiple steps, multiple supplies, and are… messy. My kids (and ME) like things structured. We all thrive in an environment that is organized and visually predictable. Ugh… I keep forgetting if I am talking more about my students or me. I’ve been much better about overcoming my irrational art fear and have taken some steps to maintain some level of structure during these activities. Paint tends to make me the most nervous. As much as I’d love some bright orange hand prints on my jeans, we need to be very prepared when dealing with paint in my room.

When I found these little puppies of perfection at – where else? – Lakeshore Learning – I knew we could now handle painting with ease.


I store all of my paint and tubs in one big bin.

The Autism Helper - Paint

These color coded tubs make painting so easy! We can even easily store leftover paint. My students know which paint brushes to use, everything is visually organized. Perfection!


Check these out from Lakeshore: No-Spill Paint Cups Anyone else have irrational art fears?


  1. The place where I volunteer…we stopped putting the lids on the paint at the end of the day after cleaning them. We just left the actual lid on. Do you find that the other lids dry out the paints??

  2. If it’s in there for a long time it does – but if you are using the paint regularly not too bad!

  3. Just did a little OCD happy dance – that’s a great system! Thanks!

  4. Happy there are others as OCD as me hahaha!


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