Organizing Seasonal Resources

I love anything seasonal. Pumpkin scented candles in the fall, pinecone wreaths at Christmastime, and big ole’ pots of fresh planted herbs in the summer. Same goes for my classroom and my students. Slap a holiday theme on an activity and it’s suddenly a hot commodity in my room. We have been growing quite the collection of seasonal goods in our room lately. Obviously this is just great news but the issue becomes – how the heck do we store all this stuff in a way that we can actually find it next year? That last part is key. There is one thing for things to be nicely stored away and a whole other thing for things to be nicely stored away that you can easily access. You all know what I mean 😉

3 Big Bins by Season

First off, I break everything into seasons. September – November go in Fall, December – February in Winter, and March – May in Spring. In theory, it’d be nice to have a bin for each monthly but honestly – I don’t have enough space and these big ole’ sturdy bins last and can be stored easily.


In each bin are individual binders, baggies of materials, and other seasonal goodies (file folders, games, nick-nacks).


Binder for Each Month

Each month has its own binder. This makes storing all worksheets and other flat materials a breeze.


First off in each binder goes our Vocabulary Unit for the month. {See all Vocabulary Units here}


Then goes our Wh- Question Mini Pack for the month. {see Seasonal Wh- Units here}


Then worksheets go in by levels.


And last goes our monthly bingo! Everything in one place and ready to grab & go! {see Monthly Bingos here}



Other items stored in each bin are our –

monthly How Many? What Color? What? Adapted Books 


any seasonal flashcard gamesIMG_7070

Seasonal Math Puzzles


any other games and activities


and Seasonal File Folder Activities.


Get organized too! Grab these labels and covers here: Monthly Labels & Covers


  1. I love this!!! Can’t wait to organize. It’s been a battle for me. Thanks for sharing, Sasha!

  2. Do you have your binder/Baggie labels available on tpt?

  3. Great ideas, I’ve also have a difficult time keeping all the activities, adapted, books and file folder activities organized. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I need you to come organize my things. I love how your binders are divided like that.

  5. This is great. How do you fit your seasonal resources into your daily schedule?

  6. So glad to see this, I have a bin for each month, mostly I have seasonal counters and flashcard type items in them, (a few of them are somewhat empty), this will add to my monthly resources and help me keep things organized and consistent for each month.

  7. what’s your link for the vocab units? I can’t find it in the tpt store. thanks!

  8. Enjoy 🙂

  9. Linked them in this post! 🙂

  10. I’ll come! Haha 🙂


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