Organizing PEAK ABA Materials

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PEAK ABA is one of the many tools I use in my classroom.

I’m a big fan of anything that brings results for my students. PEAK ABA does just that. I love it (More about PEAK here). However, the materials can overwhelm you when getting started. My goal is to have everything at my fingertips to make pulling ABA programs for students a snap. Here’s a quick break down of how I organize my ABA materials. While this is geared towards PEAK ABA, it could be used for any ABA materials you have.

Program Sheets

I keep all of my program sheets filled out and ready to go in a binder. A few years ago, another teacher and I photocopied each book and then filled out the program sheets where we could. I have one binder for each of the PEAK modules. When I need a program sheet, I pull out the pre-filled sheets and make a copy so it’s ready to go!

Objects Needed for Programs

For any toys or objects I may need, I organize them using ziploc bags. On each bag I put a label that tells me the program name and which book it’s from. I also include the corresponding program number/letter for the PEAK triangle. This is an example of one fo the programs for the Direct Training book. The program is “Tact Coins” and I include all of the coins necessary for the program. 

Picture Cards

Any program that uses picture cards gets organized in small manilla envelopes. I considered using picture box organizers, but with so many cards to be organized, I needed something I could file and put in a drawer. Each envelope is 5″x7″ and are stored with the same sticker indicating program name, number, and module. They are all then housed in numerical order in a file cabinet. 

Same goes for the ziploc bags filled with materials. They are organized in a file cabinet in numerical order, by module so I know right where to find them. 

Ready to go!

When students are ready for new programs, materials are easy to pull out and stay organized by slipping them into page protectors along with the program sheet. 

A Few Tips

  • Always have the next set of ABA programs ready for students to work on at your fingertips. I keep 5-7 new programs copied and in the front of the child’s ABA binder. Once a student has mastered a program, my assistants put the next program in. This keeps everyone going and I don’t have to stop what I’m doing and pull things out when I am working with other students.
  • Teach your assistants how to organize your materials. This will allow them to help pull items for programs and put items away when programs are mastered!
  • Always have a spot where you want data to go and communicate it with your staff. I keep an ABA binder for each child, then when programs are mastered, the data sheets are filed with the program sheet into a mastered program binder. 
  • Don’t forget the data sheets! One job I have my assistants do is to copy data sheets and make sure the binders have enough so we never run out when working with a child. We do this every single week!

Staying organized with your ABA materials (PEAK or not) will help everyone in your classroom! From students having more time to learn to you having more time to teach, it’s amazing how much time can be saved by staying organized!

Jen Koenig, B.S, M.Ed., LBS1
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