Sometimes I love hearing what other people name their centers in their classrooms. We choose our center names, sometimes without even thinking, and they become the basis of our classroom and something we will inevitabley say thousands and thousands of times. For example, I call my morning center – morning group. Not sure why I went with morning group over morning meeting or morning time. I call my direct instruction area – teacher time. Again no major rhyme or reason there! I have heard other classroom’s that call it IEP goal center, direct instruction, one on one time… Funny, right?! Okay maybe not. Maybe I just haven’t finished my coffee yet…

In my lovely little ‘teacher time’ center, I work one on one or two on one (check out my schedules) on IEP goals. I use this time as a ‘catch all’ to target skills and goals that we are hitting in other areas, need additional instruction or practice, or to work on behavioral skills that need some direct work. I use my monthly data sheets (freebie form here!) to take data in this center as well as keep track of where each students’ data is around the room.

This is an important area to keep organized because I have a lot going on here. I have work and data forms for all students. I usually see students here in time blocks of around 15 minutes and those 15 minutes WHIP by. Sometimes I feel like I barely sit down and our rotation is on the run again. I have got to be in a firefighter state of ready to go the second my little punks sit down across from me. And in my same this is probably getting old rant – organization is the KEY to preventing problems. I have one kiddo who if you do no have work ready for him the second he sits down, he is gone. You need access to everything essential at your fingertips. You will prevent problem behavior and get more down. Okay. Rant over.

My direct instruction area consists of basically a shelf and a table.

But oh – there is so much more than that! This is how I organize myself here:

So the important question is: what do you call your direct instruction area?

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