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Organizing Adapted Books

Organization is almost as important as having the resources themselves. You can have a bizillion and one amazing resources but if you can never find them when you need them then they are basically worthless. Between adapted books, file folder activities, task boxes, and everything else I jam into my curriculum – having an organization system is so essential.

I put all of my matching and count/color books in this divider from lakeshore learning. Each slot fits a few books so I can easily grab and go.

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My other books I store by type in shoebox size tupperware bins. I sort them by seasonal books, advanced skill, wh- question books, and social skill books. The seasonal books I switch out each month or season based on which we are using. Books fit perfectly and I can easily find which ones I’m looking for!

The Autism Helper


I put my science and social studies books in separate containers because I tend to use these books during specific times of my day.

The Autism Helper


These books are all stored right near my direct instruction table. I use adapted books mostly during language arts direct instruction. I love using adapted books to target specific communication, literacy, and social skills with my students!

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