Organization & Planning {What to Do Now}

All week I have shared the ins and ons of the first step to setting up a stellar autism room – organization and planning. Everything from deciding whether you will have a desk for each student to figuring out how to store and organize all that paperwork. This first step is critical because it sets the stage for the rest of the classroom setup process. If you haven’t thought through your setup process – I promise you – it will take longer in the end. Trust me! I know. In September, you’ll realize you placed your computer center in a space with no plugs or you don’t have enough centers for all of your kids to work on. Set the foundation now. Plan ahead.

Although it’s summer. And yes we need and DESERVE a break – there is no harm in doing a little prepping now. Of course – I still advocate that you fit in as many grilled hot dogs, US weeklys, suntans, cucumber vodka and sodas (you haven’t tried it? you are missing out…), long walks, lazy mornings, and trashy tv shows as possible over these next few weeks. But if you are anything like me – you can’t help but let those pesky classroom ideas sneak into your summer vacay. I’ll see something in the target dollar spot or get some late night idea about scheduling. I know. I’m nuts. But anytime I start to get some ideas – I whip out my phone and make a few notes. Strike while the iron is hot. It sounds dorky but seriously – take some notes on any ideas you have. You will be so thankful come August.

What products can help guide you through the organization and planning process? Step 1 products are: 

Here it is. The self acclaimed most space efficient & organized work system ever. (see post) Get all the info and all of the visuals and schedules to go in this packet. 
The Autism Helper - Products

Organize your morning time. Get visual worksheets, journal pages, templates, and more!

The Autism Helper - Products

More calendar and morning organization. Grab this resource for binder labels and dividers to get your binders in super tip top organization shape!

The Autism Helper - Products

The Autism Helper - Products


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