Organization & Planning {Paperwork}

Raise your hand if you went into teaching for the paperwork? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Oh wait. You all hate paperwork. The thought of doing paperwork is about as inviting as going into school on Saturday. Am I right? Well – the necessary evil of paperwork unfortunately will follow you along like the plague for the length of your teaching career. A few words of advice for someone who quite possibly has an organization addiction.

  • Get ahead of it. Start planning now. Don’t wait until your desk is so overflowed that you can’t find your stapler or god forbid  – coffee mug.
  • Have a system. Figure out how you will keep track and organize paperwork. Use binders, file folders, dividers – whatever. Just have some way to keep it together.
  • Stay on top of it. Make sure you can keep up with your system. Take a few moments each week to file away papers or else you will run into that whole lost desk issue.
  • Make it easy.  If I sound redundant – that’s because I am. Whatever system you set up – make it doable! It doesn’t matter if you have the most beautifully labeled organized binder system if you never use it. Do what works for you.

There is a lot of paperwork in a special education classroom. Click on the snapshots below for links to posts You have:

  • Student paperwork: IEPs, assessment forms, testing materials
  • Parent paperwork: communication, parent letters, doctor’s notes
  • Student work: homework, work samples, data sheets
  • Teacher paperwork: lesson plans, curriculum maps, school forms


Here is how I organize student & parent paperwork:

The Autism Helper - Organization


Here are some ways I organize student work:

The Autism Helper - Organization

The Autism Helper - Organization

The Autism Helper - Organization

Here is how I organize teacher paperwork:

The Autism Helper - Organization
The Autism Helper - Organization

The Autism Helper - Organization


  1. I have different binders for station worksheets. They are better than file folders because you can store the binders right next to the station, and with file folders they stuffed and full, making it hard for you and your students to find papers/worksheets.

    *1 binder for Junior High S.S. and Science
    *1 binder for Junior High Language Arts and Math
    *1 binder for Vocational/Work Jobs and Calendar
    *1 binder for Elementary S.S. and Science
    *1 binder for Elementary Math and Language Arts

  2. Thanks for sharing, Kylie!


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