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October is a time for ghosts, goblins, pumpkins, and witches. My class goes all out for Halloween. We do it up big. It’s a big “let kids be kids” time in my mind. Here are some of our favorite activities for October & Halloween:

Oreo Cookie Spiders

Delicious, easy, and ties in lots of sequencing!

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Costumed Mini Pumpkins

A fun alternative to carving or painting and they turn out adorable!

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Painting Mini Pumpkins

You can incorporate color identification, color mixing, follow directions, and more!

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Carving Pumpkins

Get traditional and messy with it! A perfect sensory treat 🙂

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Window Cutouts

Seriously creepy and takes loads of fine motor abilities to create!

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Mini Spiders

Work on counting, counting, counting! Give directions for the number of legs and number of eyes!

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Golf Tee Pumpkin Hammering

A past OT at my school brought us this amazing idea. Grab a few pumpkins, some golf tees, and plastic hammers – students build fine motor skills by hammering the tees into the pumpkins.


Halloween Sensory Bins

Get nasty with it and create edible version of your favorite disgusting things. Red jello for blood, marshmallows and pistachio pudding for boogers, chocolate pudding for dirt (or…), cooked pasta with red food dye for guts, and cooked spaghetti that you let cool in the colander for brain!

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Halloween Wh- Questions

Work on those tricky wh- questions with these fun, Halloween themed resources!

Hand Print Spiders

You kids will either love it or hate it!

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Hallway Decor

Last year we went all out for our hallway decorations complete with a herd of bats, massive spiders, and a whole gaggle of ghosts.

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Candy Corn Real & Make-Believe

Halloween is the perfect time to work on real/make-believe and fact/fiction because of everything silly and pretend that comes up at Halloween!

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Visual Schedule for the Halloween Party

Thinking of doing a Halloween party? Great idea but don’t throw all routine and structures out the window! You’ll have a class filled with monsters by the end of that afternoon. Use a visual schedule for your party so your kids know what’s going on!

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Carved Pumpkin Photo Shoots

These make the perfect pictures! Great for your yearly scrapbook!

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Toilet Paper Mummy

You don’t have to get as massive as we did but this is a super fun craft and you’ll likely have all the materials right in your school! (don’t tell the janitor!)

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