Noun Ninjas {making grammar fun}

However I can grab my kids’ interests – I go for it. Grammar can be a little dry so I like to make it fun and engaging by adding a little spice. Ninja spice that it is. Yesterday I shared my angry verb activity we did and today I’ll be sharing our Noun Ninja activity that takes a little hoopla from one of my class’s favorite iPad games – fruit ninja. Because really – who doesn’t love slicing large pieces of fruit with a samari sword. For real?


First filled out this fun noun ninja sheet. This helped reinforce what a noun is. They all loved filling this in!

The Autism Helper - Noun Ninjas


Then we colored the fruit pieces and sorted them into nouns or not nouns. Again, same with the verb activity – discrimination is so critical for our students. Only using language to explain a grammar term will not be enough. Children with autism need repetition and multiple exemplars to illustrate the connection between all of the words that are nouns and those that are not nouns.

The Autism Helper - Noun Ninjas
Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 2.12.38 PM

It turned out so cute and we had so much fun! They took turns reading the nouns and pretended to slash the fruit with their finger like in fruit ninja.

The Autism Helper - Noun Ninjas

Download for free: Noun Ninja Activity

Whether it’s ninjas, angry birds, dinosaurs, thomas, dora – whatever… use your students’ interest to get them engaged and interested in academic topics!




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