No Teacher Desk? No Problem! Video Tutorial

I wasn’t quite sure how to title this video tutorial. I thought about naming it video tutorial of the super all in one area – but that seemed odd. Naming it the video tutorial of the direct instruction, morning meeting, math groups, and teacher desk area seemed too wordy. This station is really the main hub of my classroom. If my classroom where the white house, this area is the oval office. It’s where I spend most of my day and where we get most of our work done. I complete all of my direct instruction at this area as will as run afternoon math groups and sneak in some morning calendar work. And the delicious cream cheese frosting on it all? – it’s my teacher desk too.

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The decision to remove the teacher desk seemed risky at first. It was hard for me to think outside the traditional classroom box and even envision a classroom without a teacher desk. But honestly? It’s been one of the best classroom organization decisions I have ever made. I now have everything in one spot and it completely streamlines my organization. Check out how I set up this area and why it works for effectively: 


  1. How timely! I just got rid of my desk this week and am trying to find systems to keep organized! Do you know what the width of your table is? I just ordered a 72″ one today – now thinking I should have gotten the 96″ one. Thanks for the information. Always so helpful!

  2. I’m trying to get rid of my desk but I really have to streamline my clutter first. My biggest problem is the physical shape of my room itself. We are in an old Home Economics classroom. Sounds great to a point. We have no walls because one side is windows and the other side U-shaped kitchen areas with sinks so limited counter space. We are Using 1 area as our kitchen with Fridge and stove but the other 2 are just a bother. We basically work with half a room. Seems that no one but my Assistant and myself see the problem with this.

    While I have you here…do you have or will you be doing a Mega Multiplication Packet? I am spoiled by your work!!!!!!

  3. Gosh I’m not sure! I will measure and let you know. I LOVE having no desk. Let me know how it goes for you! 🙂

  4. That sounds tricky! Can you make make-shift walls with shelves or dividers?? YES! Multiplication and division mega packs are on the way!!

  5. I had a room like that at one point in my career. I had and L shaped room with the outer walls having 6 u shaped kitchens. I used 1 are a kitchen. The rest were as follows
    2- math and reading storage W table @ entrance for Para/teacher work zone
    3 – Computer section – Had then take out the cabinet doors and got stool to sit on.
    4- reading zone – used the shelves (took off doors) and had a library
    5 – sensory Zone
    6 – work jobs zone

    My school worked with me when i said what i needed and why and they were more then helpful. Use things you have learned at trainings or school to defend the sections you need.

    My 2nd year in the room they were able to get rid of some of the ovens (as I had a student that liked to turn them on). But there was an open box in the floor we had to cover with a large cabinet.

  6. Great ideas 🙂

  7. Do you have a teacher computer in your room? If so, where do you keep it? My computer is also hooked up to my Promethean board, and it is the biggest reason why I can’t figure out how to get rid of my teacher desk!
    Also, where do your paras keep their things? I also have a “work station” for them to do laminating and things. My set-up is working for now, but I know I’m supposed to get a lot more students next year!

  8. Great question! I have a teacher computer but I let the kids use it to and have it with another computer in our computer station. My paras keep their things in a closet and we have a work station similar to yours in our back closet as well (it’s more like a coat room). Maybe you can set up the work station so it can be moved to use for other activities once more students come? Ie but laminator etc on shelves next to a table?


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