Night Zookeeper Story Pairs

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Another app review today and this one targets some awesome literacy skills! The app is called Night Zookeeper Story Pairs and works on creative thinking, sequencing, story elements, and story retelling. It’s also goofy and fun so don’t worry – your kids won’t even realize they are working on reading 🙂

The premise of the app is to tell a story to the Time Traveling Elephant that she has never heard before.



The app starts out with a memory game. You can either play with one player or two.



Each time you get a match – it gives you a part of the story. It might give a character, the plot, the setting, a special skill, object, etc.

IMG_2486 IMG_2489

IMG_2488 IMG_2487


Once you have gotten all your matches, you get to pick three story elements from the choices you got during the game.



After you pick your 3 story elements comes the fun part! Now you get to record your voice telling the story with the story elements you selected. As you click on each part it disappears so you know what story elements you still need to include.



My kids were DYING listening to the recording of themselves telling a story. I think there is something really powerful about hearing yourself tell a story. Kids are able to pick on errors and provide some type of self assessment. Also, it’s pretty hilarious.

Overall: Super fun. I have a hard time targeting story retelling plus creative writing/thinking is very challenging for my students so this was perfect for my class. It provided an opportunity to build important literacy skills in a fun and entertaining way that seemed way more like playing than working 😉


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