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Give me a few bitterly cold days filled with arctic like winds, some days off of school, and a very full DVR… and I turn into a hobbit. A don’t leave my couch, on my fourth cup of coffee, still in pajama pants at 4pm kind of hobbit. But I’m also a laptop glued to my body, product making machine. I have been on a resource making binge. My poor paraprofessionals are probably really sick of cutting velcro and laminating things – but I can’t help it! I love having new materials for my kiddos and you know, so do they! Check out all my newbie resources:

Discrete Trial Goal Sheets and Data Forms SET 2 {editable}: This packet contains goal sheets and data forms for a wide range of types of discrete trial data. Just print and you are completely ready to run a discrete trial skill acquisition program! This is the set 2 to my very popular first set of discrete trial forms. Perfect for paraprofessionals!

The Autism Helper - Data The Autism Helper - Data

Visual Rubrics: Rubrics are a great way to break down an activity or task into discrete skills and score a student’s ability to accomplish each task. Using visuals helps students understand what they are being scored on. It also helps clarify the expectations of an assignment in a concrete way.

The Autism Helper - Rubrics The Autism Helper - Rubrics

I Spy – Real & Make Believe {an adapted book}: This adapted book is great to work on the concept of real and make believe for children with less verbal skills. This book works on the essential skills of making choices, building vocabulary, and identifying items based on the real/make believe attribute.

The Autism Helper - I Spy   The Autism Helper - I Spy

20 Editable Special Education Data Sheets SET 2: This packet includes 20 data sheets for a variety of goals and programs including fluency, discrete trial, work tasks, and life skills tasks.This packet contains an editable version of all forms!

The Autism Helper - Data Sheets The Autism Helper - Data Sheets

Spring Vocabulary Unit:  These unit has everything you need to teach new thematic vocabulary in an effective way! This packet contains easy to understand resources for spring vocabulary, St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary, Easter vocabulary, Mother’s Day vocabulary, and Father’s Day vocabulary.

The Autism Helper - Spring Vocabulary The Autism Helper - Spring Vocabulary

Advanced Sorting File Folder Activities: Instructions and printables to make 11 file folder activities to practice complex sorting! Sorting teaches organization and is an essential foundational skill that improves categorizing and discrimination.

The Autism Helper - file Folders The Autism Helper - file Folders

Behavior Contingency Maps: Contingency behavior maps show a visual representation of engaging in appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and the consequences that the behaviors result in. Contingency maps are so effective because they illustrate in a concrete way the results of both the desired and undesired behavior!

The Autism Helper - Behavior Maps  The Autism Helper - Behavior Maps

4 Parts of Speech Literacy Centers: Each center works on identifying parts of speech (noun, verb, and adjective) in a hands-on way and has a corresponding worksheet. These centers are great for independent work, reading centers, homework, or direct instruction.

The Autism Helper - Parts of Speech The Autism Helper - Parts of Speech


Fluency Mega Pack: This packet contains everything you need to set up fluency instruction. Print on card stock or laminate and all resources are ready to go!

The Autism Helper - Fluency The Autism Helper - Fluency



  1. I love your products 🙂 I just bought a bunch! I don’t know how you do it all! I am lucky if I get to do my own laundry! 🙂 You are my daily motivation while having my first (of many) cup of coffee!


  2. Haha! Thank you so much! Love the sweet words!


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