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Happy Teacher Appreciation Sale! Everything Autism Helper is 28% off today & tomorrow. I have been a busy bee on a bunch of new products that already have great feedback some of the most important fans – my students! My resources are tried and true and already endorsed by the guys themselves. Check out some of my new activities:

All About Animals: This interactive book is great to work on identifying size, quantity, animal, and color. The best part is it targets the discrimination of these questions! Such a tricky target to work on – this is a fun way to work on a challenging skill.

all about animals - The Autism Helper

File Folders to Work on Sequencing: Some of my less verbal kids were really ready to target some more challenging skills but I still needed to make sure we were doing so in a visual and structured way! These file folders target the skill of sequencing and increase in difficulty. I love that I can use these with both my lower and higher functioning students!

The Autism Helper

Commenting Visuals for Children who are Nonverbal: My personal fav, this resource will take your nonverbal or less verbal students beyond just requesting items. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of hearing “I want cheetohs,” ” I want iPad,” – I want to hear more language! This resource provides a very structured and easy to use system for teaching students to engage in commenting behavior!

The Autism Helper

File Folder Activities {Household Themed}: Perfect to work on function, life skills! These tasks work on all types of household based skills and concepts. Great for a life skills class, high skill room, and perfect of broth independent work and direct instruction.

The Autism Helper

Visuals for Common Classroom Routines: This resources contains step by step visuals for 25 common classroom procedures. This intervention will help prevent problem behavior, reduce the amount of “reminding” you need to do, and increase classroom independence!

the autism helper

Might as well get em now when they are on sale! 28% off all resources today and tomorrow! Happy shopping 🙂


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