My Top 5 Sped Classroom Items

This is a photo of my top 5 classroom items. A personal laminator, iPad charging stations, bendable bluetooth headphones, a wireless doorbell, and walkie talkies.
I’m so excited to talk about my top 5 sped classroom items!  

These are items I have discovered over my years in self-contained that are necessary and just make my classroom run more like a well-oiled machine.  Follow along as I share what my favorite classroom items are and why I love them so much!


Personal Laminator

Here is a top sped classroom item - a personal laminator that is laminating some workbook pieces.

My top sped classroom item is a personal laminator.  I cannot live without one of these!  I like this Swingline Laminator but any personal laminator will do!  I have access to a laminating machine at my school – but the lamination is thin and flimsy.  With a personal laminator, I can laminate with 5 mil or 3 mil pouches and they last A LOT longer.  For my classroom, I like to use 5 mil lamination as it is overall sturdier and easier to keep for longer.  

For materials like wall anchor charts, wall visuals, and bulletin boards, I opt to use the school laminator as students do not handle these as often.


iPad Charging Station

Here is a photo of a top sped classroom item - the iPad charging station.

Another one of my essential sped classroom items are these charging stations for my iPads.  I have 14 total iPads in my classroom plus student Chromebooks, headphones, and radios all needing charged each day. There are not enough plugs to cover all of our electronic devices!  In order to stay organized and efficient with our device charging, I have these awesome charging stations.  Each station charges 10 devices and is universal for iPads or mini USB devices.  Since I use my stations for iPad charging, I had to purchase these additional iPad cords.  My school’s IT department also provided me with a large power strip that allows me to keep all devices in one location – which is a huge help for organization and efficiency every day.

Bluetooth Headphones

Here is a photo of the bluetooth headphones that I use in my classroom.

Over the years, my classroom has gone through SO MANY sets of headphones.  Either the cords get chewed through (gross, but true) or students stretch, bend, and break our headphones.  I finally decided to get Bluetooth headphones and it has been a GAME CHANGER.  My students are hard on our headphones so expensive or fancy are not in the budget.  Thankfully, I found these flexible and bendable headphones that connect through Bluetooth to our iPads.  So far, they are holding up and I recommend them!

Walkie Talkies

Here is a photo of a top sped classroom item - a classroom set of walkie talkies.

Walkie-talkies are a great sped classroom item for my team.  These radios help us during arrival and dismissal times, recess times, and during behaviors.  My classroom team and I are almost always separated during these times of day but we are always able to communicate due to our walkie-talkies.  We take them with us everywhere!

 Wireless Doorbell

Here is a photo of a top sped classroom item - a wireless doorbell used for transitions.

My final sped classroom item that I cannot live without is a wireless doorbell.  Sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out.  A wireless doorbell for transitions is essential.  I learned from my mistakes with this one.  I used to use a timer and then shout “Check your schedule!”  Students would constantly ignore me and my staff and I ended up prompting students.  Once I tried the doorbell, it engaged students and they began transitioning independently.  

I love these wireless doorbells because they have a variety of sound choices – many that are short versions of well-known songs.  I change the sound every month so students do not become dependent on just one sound – and it works like a charm!  I highly recommend getting one of these for your classroom immediately!


I know this list can seem like a lot if you are needing items for your classroom, I suggest talking with your admin and asking for help.  They are oftentimes more willing to help out than you think!

For more essential prep and organization supply ideas, read this post by Sasha.  

Thank you for reading along with me! Have you tried any of these sped classroom items in your room?  If so, what do you think?  What are you most excited to try in your classroom?  Let me know in the comments!



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