My Favorites {Visual Answers for Children with Autism}

I am BIG advocate of pushing picture communication beyond just requesting. We seem to fall into a rut of only using pictures to have students ask for food and toy items. It make sense – that’s the easiest to teach and can have an instant awesome effect on the student’s quality of life and immediately decrease negative behaviors. And yes it is super important to work on requesting but we shouldn’t stop there! We should use visuals for all types of communication! Check out our Commenting Visuals, Visual Questions, and Receptive Language Tasks. This visual systems – My Favorites – utilizes visuals to have students select their favorites for a variety of groups of items!




This packet comes with 6 pages with 2 prompts on each page. Each prompt has 4 visual response options! Laminate the pages and use velcro to attach the response picture options.


This resource is perfect for morning meeting or circle time for daily social skills practice!




Check out the video tour of this resource and see all of the pages! –



  1. I love all of your materials…but I am curious how in today’s society with budget cuts you can afford all the laminating and velcro.

  2. Great question! I am a big fan of amazon (you can get super cheap laminating pages) and I get a lot velcro here ( – which is pretty reasonable). I also use Donors Choose to write grants for supplies like ink, laminating, and velcro. You definitely have to get creative!

  3. How can I get/make the one you show here with 8 visual responses?

  4. I LOVE all your products, I was wondering how I could get your/make your ‘favorites page as it is seen here with 8 visual choices instead of the one for purchase that only has 4 choices?

  5. Hey Tara! So sorry but unfortunately bc of copyright rules I had to only do 4 options to be able to give enough pages of this resource. Sorry! 🙁


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