My Favorite TAH Products to Use as an OT

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As we all know, The Autism Helper has some amazing products!  The products are not just for teachers, they can be used by a wide variety of people.  Today, I am going to highlight a few of my favorite TAH products that I use as an OT working with students from preschool all the way up to transition!

Tracing and Matching Workbook

I love these workbook for my young students in preschool and kindergarten.  The matching component is great for students who are not quite writing yet.  I love how the letters, shapes and numbers have start dots and arrows to give children an idea of what direction to follow when forming the letters.  These two things really help teach young students proper formation!  Check out this product here.

Matching Weekly Workbooks

There are so many variations of this product that can meet the needs of a wide range of my students.  Many of these products are now digital and have a drag and drop component, which is awesome for working on fine motor coordination.   I have been assigning these as asynchronous work via Seesaw to some of my younger learners and have gotten great feedback from families.  The themed products are so fun – there are Halloween and Christmas options, just to name a few! 

I am even able to use this product with some of my older students in middle school and early high school.  At that age, many of my students are working on life skills.  There is a life skills version of these workbooks to meet that need!  Check out all the options for these workbooks here.

Work Task Mega Pack

This is a massive resource with activities that can be used with a wide range of students.  I have put together a few of these activities for my high school and transition students who are working on vocational skills.  These task boxes have become especially important during COVID because my students are not able to go into the community for job training, so we had to get creative.   Check out this resource here.  

Data Entry Work Tasks

This is another amazing resource for my older students.  As I mentioned before, we had to get creative this year when it came to working on vocational skills given all the new health and safety guidelines.  Check out a recent blog post I did about that topic here.  In addition to the work tasks, another amazing activity for my high school and transition students has been the data entry work task activities.  These activities teach important executive functioning and technology skills, and are also able to be used during in person and remote learning.  Check out this resource here.  

Emotions Activities

As an OT, I am frequently working on self regulation skills with students of all ages. One of the key components of being able to self regulate is being able to identify emotions in yourself and in others.  Sasha has some great products I like to use to meet these goals.  The Emotions File Folder activity is great for students who need that hands on component.  There are different levels, including just matching the emotions, simple sorting and then associating certain emotions with specific scenarios.  Check out that product here.  I also have enjoyed using the emotions Boom Cards to work on some of these basic skills as well.  Check those out here.  


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