My 5 Favorite Adapted Books

Picking my favorite adapted books is kind of like picking my favorite treat at Dairy Queen – I like them all! But I do go through phases of really liking certain books for certain reasons. Here are my 5 current favorite adapted books. These represent a really wide range of skill levels and formats which is exactly why adapted books are amazing. They work well for so many situations! 

I love these for the simplicity. They are straightforward and basic but still engaging and fun. These are great to build vocabulary, following directions, and commenting. These are a prefect first venture into adapted books for your early learners.

We have two new series of Life Skills Adapted Books. Both series include all real photos and are so perfect for practicing real-world based skill building. The first series is What is in the Purse, Wallet, and Suitcase. The second series is What is in the Cart, Fridge, and Cabinet. I have been loving the What’s in the Cart book. There is non-identical matching, counting, and so much vocabulary to practice! 

This is an oldie but goodie! I actually think the What’s Bugging You Series of books is what made me fall in love with adapted books. My students LOVED these. I mean LOVED. They would ask for them instead of computer time. I think my favorite of this series is the Feature and Function version. This is such a common goal for so many learners and this book is such a fun way to practice the skill!

I Spy Princess 

The I Spy Series is probably my second favorite group of books after the Bugging You books. We have a ton of different variations of I Spy Books that work on everything from categories to non-examples to vocabulary. The Princess one holds a special place in my heart by my girls are princess loving kind of kids. They are obsessed with this book and it definitely helped get us through some home school sessions! 

Last but not least is one that is a little different. This book is basically a combo of a social story and an adapted book. I think this is a great way to review important communication skills, model, role play, and discuss. It gives a nice hands-on component with the moveable pieces. There are 4 included in this set and this one works on the skill of being a good listener.


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