Mother’s Day Card {Freebie Friday on a Thursday}

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I know, I know, I know… it is not Friday but I had to give my freebie to you a day early in case you want to snag this idea for your Mother’s Day card making. I have this problem lately with crafts – I think of a super cute idea buuuut… maybe only 6 or 7 of my students can actually do it. I needed a Mother’s Day craft that could be done by some of my lower functioning students. I want them to be included too – of course! I did two card crafts this year – one for each of my groups.

Here is the card for the students with minimal writing skills:

Mothers Day - The Autism Helper

Cute, right?! We cut out the pieces to work on some fine motor fun:

Mothers Day - The Autism Helper


And then they did stamps in the the inside of the car. I wrote the message on a mini white board and they copied from that. Why don’t I use stamps more? My students really enjoyed it and it works on letters, sequencing, and fine motor skills! Download the Mother’s Day Title and Flowers here: Mother’s Day & Flower Cut Outs

Mothers Day - The Autism Helper

We got a little fancy with my academic kiddos. I used this pinspieration (Wayward Girl Crafts) and made it a smidge simpler. Love the finished product 🙂 We complete the “Why My Mom is Marvelous” worksheet and pasted it on the bottom!

Mothers Day - The Autism Helper

Download the Why My Mom is Marvelous Worksheet here!


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