I know I have been talking a lot about prepositions lately but this will be the last week for my preposition theme!  I wanted to share about 3 other preposition adapted books that Sasha created.  I like using these books with some of my older students or with some of my higher functioning students.  Since these books are not seasonal, I use them as go to books all year for my students working on following directions involving prepositional concepts.  I pulled the books out again this week to finish off my month of Prepositions.  The set includes; “Prepositions: Location Prepositions”, “Prepositions: Let’s Match The Prepositions”, and “Prepositions: Time Prepositions”.    

“Prepositions: Location Prepositions” is the easiest book in the series.  For this book, the student has to select the correct item and place it in the targeted location on each page.

It is important to put the hard Velcro pieces in several different positions on each page so the student is not just putting the item on the piece of Velcro but actually has to determine which piece of Velcro represents the correct location.  For example, “put the apple in the box” you can place additional Velcro above, below, and under the box.  Then the student has to understand the “in” concept.

The book targets the following prepositional concepts “in”, “beside”, “next to”, “on”, “under” and “above”.

If your student needs additional prompting you can reduce the choices and point to only two different locations on the page instead of having a choice of 3-4.

“Prepositions: Let’s Match The Prepositions” is more challenging.  In this book the student has to select the correct prepositional concept to answer the “where” question on each page.  Each preposition word is paired with a visual symbol to represent that prepositional concept.

Some of these prepositional concepts are challenging such as “toward” and “through”.

Again, you can provide additional prompting for your students and give them a choice of 2-3 answers.  For example, “is the horse among the trees or above the trees” as you point to those 2 preposition icons in the book.

For your non-verbal students, you can also have your student find the prepositional concept on his/her AAC device.  It’s good practice to work on navigating the device to those different concepts.

The final book in the series is “Prepositions: Time Prepositions”.  For this book the student has to determine if you “on”, “at”, or “in” to complete the given sentence.  You can review when you use the different prepositional concepts before you start the book.

This is definitely a hard concept for many of my students.  If my student is verbal and can read, I have him or her read the sentence and select the correct prepositional concept to complete the sentence.

Again, if the student needs additional prompting you can reduce it to a choice of 2 answers instead of 3.

If you are working on Time Prepositions with your student I shared some information about Time Preposition task cards recently.  You can click the link to read information from that blog post – Time Preposition Task Cards 

I created 2 sets of Time Preposition Task Cards.  Level 1 has visuals to pair with each sentence.

Level 2 has some of the same sentences as Level 1 without the visual plus I added more examples to Level 2.  Just more practice if you are working on those concepts.

You can find the adapted books and tasks cards on TPT with the links – Preposition Adapted Book Series

Time Preposition Task Cards 

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