Mission Closet Reorganization

Happy Valentine’s Day loves! To celebrate this day of loving – I will share with you something I love – organization. I’m lame – I get it. A week or so ago I had the luxury of an entire day in my classroom with no children. Don’t get me wrong – I love my babies – having a few uninterrupted hours in my home away from home is better than pressing the snooze button. My school district has had some wacky calendar changes this year and this was our first full day professional development. We had some half days – but those are basically useless.

I woke up the morning of the glorious full day vacation from snotty noses and stubborn attitudes nearly giddy with anticipation. I was going to tackle my back closet. It was already fairly organized but I had big plans to make it even more space efficient and ramp up the organization of my reading activities. It’r embarrassing – I know.

So prior to the reorganization, I stored all of my tasks in crates organized by types of tasks. I loved this system but sometimes things got shoved in and messed up. Also my balance of work tasks to academic tasks has been leaning closer to the academic tasks so I needed more space to store all of these activities to have easy access.

Here is what it looked like before:



I decided to use these crates for reading activities and books organized by genre:

Recently Updated134

Recently Updated135

Then I made another make shift shelf using crates (love doing that!) and put most of my work tasks that had previously been in those other crates in here. I used these small baskets (which fit perfectly in the crates!!) to store the activities. It’s so easy to find exactly what I’m looking for now.

Recently Updated133

Recently Updated136

I did a few more up keep type tasks in my closet too. I cleaned up all our flashcards. It’s great to have flashcards on hand for when you want to move your kiddos along at their fluency center.
I reorganized all of our extra clothes by student and then the leftovers by type (shirts, pants, etc.). Because I have had one too many horrible experiences of trying to find a clean pair of clothes for kiddo while they are … you know. You don’t have any time to be wasting in that situation!
I updated all of my binder labels and made the shelf behind my desk spic and span 🙂
So yes I have organization problems. Don’t judge! 🙂 


  1. I love your organization. We have been working on that in my classroom. I know once it is done correctly it will make my life so much easier. Organization also makes it easier for my paras to know where to get things and helps everyone know where to put them back. I am not sure I will ever be as organized as I want to be and it will get messed up and need a “touch up” from time to time, but overall my room will run smoother if the behind the scenes is more organized.

  2. I agree with you Amy! I feel like no matter how organized I get, there still needs to be more!

    Glad to see so many organization junkies out there 🙂

    As always, thanks for sharing your room!

  3. I love being organized too! I love being able to see the end result. I hope your kids had a great Valentine’s Day party today and it didn’t mess them up too much being on the 15th. My little ones yesterday were a little out of sorts just knowing it was Valentine’s Day and I can only imagine having to tell them we are going to be celebrating on the 15th!

  4. Thanks Kate! Hope your V-Day party went well! 🙂

  5. Yes Amy – for sure! That’s a good point about the paras too – then everyone knows where everything goes!

  6. Thanks Barbara! Haha – good to know we share the same love of organization! 🙂

  7. I’m inspired by what you’ve shared. I lack organization skills but crave organization. This gives me some ideas for organizing all my different types of activities.

  8. You are very welcome 🙂

  9. What container did you use for your flashcards?

  10. I use tupperwares!

  11. Hi Sasha – I LOVE organisation, your classroom looks like heaven to me! I was just wondering how you store all of your file folders.. My teaching assistants and I have recently started building a file folder collection for independent work but I can’t quite find an organisational system that works… Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂 Sabrina


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