Mini Schedules: Your Key to Creating Consistent Routines

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Mini schedules are your visuals schedule’s cooler younger sister. She’s always down for a good time and will help you out whenever needed. Same with these little sets of visuals glory. They are quick and simple yet immensely useful. Don’t underestimate their importance or necessity.

Mini schedules show embedded steps and routines. They help makes students more independent. They work great for inclusion. Sold?


Foundational Level Mini-Schedules

Advanced Level Mini-Schedules

Special Event Mini-Schedules

Novel activities and changes in our routine are very hard for our learners! This is the time we need visuals and schedules the most! Think of all of the changes and new activities that your students may need extra support for.

Check out Mini Schedules in these resources:

Visuals for Common Classroom Routines {This resource is a MUST HAVE. It’s editable and includes 25 pre-made mini-schedules!}

Visuals for an Autism Classroom

Classroom Job Visuals Set 1

Ultimate Guided Reading Resource



  1. Hi! I am just wondering when you do activities with schedules are your kids checking off each activity or are you doing it whole group? I find that my students are having trouble following mini schedules (like for cooking) independent without teacher support.

  2. Depends on the kid! I would work on modeling how to follow the mini schedule and then fading your prompts and providing high powered reinforcement when students do follow steps on a mini schedule.

  3. Thank You


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