Meet the Teacher Night

I’m so excited to talk about my Meet the Teacher Night!
It is the beginning of the school year and I am preparing my classroom for a new group of students.  I have so much to do but one that is on the top of my list to prep things for is Meet the Teacher Night.  At my school, we do this night instead of a back-to-school night to alleviate any back-to-school nerves that our autistic students and their parents/families may have.  As a kindergarten teacher, this is such an important night for my students and me. Meet the Teacher Night allows me to see my students before the first day of school as well as allows my students to see their new classroom. 

In previous years that I have not done a Meet the Teacher Night, I have noticed a HUGE difference in the way the first day of school goes.  

Keep reading to see what I prep for Meet the Teacher Night:

Communication Books

This is a visual communication book that I prepare for Meet the Teacher Night. The cover of the book says My Parent and Teacher Communication Book and it has a rainbow on it.
This is a visual communication book that I prepare for Meet the Teacher Night.
I am big on building a strong home/school connection because many of my students are non-speaking when they are in my class.  My communication books are well-liked by families and easy for my students to transport back and forth to school each day.  Plus, families are also able to share their routines with me.  This idea is not my original idea – as blogger Jen also uses these in her classroom

My communication books are made using The Autism Helper’s Home School Communication Packet.  I created my own cover page using my free Canva educator account.  Then, I printed the pages two-sided in black ink.  Finally, I used my binding machine to bind my books.  During Meet the Teacher Night, I show families the book and explain how I use the books on a daily basis.

Family Handbook

This is the family handbook I create for Meet the Teacher Night. It has 6 different tabs and is rainbow colored.
This is the family handbook I create for Meet the Teacher Night. It has 6 different tabs and is rainbow colored.
A new school year brings A TON of new information for families.  So, for Meet the Teacher Night, I make sure to prepare my editable family handbook from Mrs. D’s Corner.  The handbook I create has all of the necessary information including staff names, the school schedule, my contact information, and a link to my classroom’s Amazon wish list.  After creating and assembling the handbooks, I add a strip of magnetic tape to the back and ask families to put the handbook on their fridge at home.  This helps alleviate any additional questions I may get throughout the school year. 

Teacher Newsletter

The final item I like to prepare for Meet the Teacher Night is a teacher newsletter.  This newsletter is something I send home every month so Meet the Teacher Night night is a good time to explain to families what the newsletter is.  I make sure to add a section about me and who I am as well as a section for my contact information. 

For the purpose of back to school, I also add additional comments such as sending a change of clothes to school, sending snacks with their student, and my classroom Amazon wish list in the form of a QR code.

Meet the Teacher Night generally lasts an hour long so the communication books, handbook, and newsletter are the perfect amount of information to give to families.  Once I have finished explaining the three items, I give the families their child’s independent schedule and ask them to explore the room and look for each center.  It’s always a fun and successful night!

Thank you for reading about my Meet the Teacher Night.  If you have any questions or comments, please ask below and I will get back to you!  I hope you have a wonderful back-to-school season.


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