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It’s May – people! You feel like you are done with the school year but you’ve really got a full month of learning ahead of you. (or maybe you are some of those luckies who are done at the end of May). Before you pack up your sharpies and start cleaning out your binders, it’s time for one last push. Remember – bored kids are naughty kids. And we can’t blame them! If you are mentally checking out – so will they! I always print a bunch of new resources for these last few weeks to keep the attention of both my students and me! Check out the great freebie links I found from other teacher authors:

Sale Alert!

Also: TpT is hosting a Teacher’s Appreciation SALE on May 3rd & 4th so now you can grab all of these goodies at 28% off using coupon code CELEBRATE. This sale is one of my favorites because I love getting some new resources to try out with my kids now and then we are ready to roll in the fall. Time to stock up! Happy shopping 😉



Bingo seems to be an easy go-to at this time of year. It’s quick, easy, and my kids love it. Prepping all of the monthly bingos last year make it so great this time of year because let’s be real – I am OVER laminating and velcroing. With the monthly bingos, I only laminate the calling cards and then I put all of the boards in top loading pages. This saves a ton of time! {for May Bingo click here}

Adapted Books to the Rescue!

Adapted books are also having some major rockstar moments in my room right about now. Again – my kids love them, they focus on basic skills that we need to work on, and it’s also minimal prep for me. Sounds like a perfect combination for the end of the year. We are loving these seasonal ones – What’s on the Grill?, Farmer, Farmer, and Count, Color, Name {Plant Edition}.


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