Math App Review: Splash Math Grade 2

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One of my many goals for this school year – which may or may not also include going a full year without crying in my principal’s office, maintaining a full set of sharpened pencils for the whole year (unlikely), and lessening my addiction to coffee – is to seriously improve my math instruction. That’s a much more reputable goal than the other ones. So far it’s been going well. Check out my post from last week on math resources and on math apps!

I got asked by Studypad – the publishers of the Splash Math Series to review one of their app. We reviewed 2nd Grade Splash Math. Perfect timing, right? Me and my lovely assistants (my students!) tried out this app and are excited to let you know what we think: we approve! Our approval comes at a high cost – we are kind of app snobs…

The main reason I really like this app is that it incorporates so many different math concepts into one app! It seems like with the other math apps we use frequently are for only one concept. We have a great one for math operations, another for time, another for money, etc. This app combines them all into one. You can also focus on certain areas by only selecting specific concepts.

Here are some samples of some of the questions:


Students earn fish for an aquarium based on correct responding. My punky punks of course got a huge kick out of getting to drop an anvil onto their fish in the aquarium.

The next reason I really love this app is that you can monitor each student’s progress. You can select to receive email alerts of student progress. You can see specifically which areas students are struggling. Made me realize which concepts we need to focus on more!

How I will be using this app: My students are in pairs when they are at my direct instruction station. I love having purposeful and targeted independent work on hand so I can work 1 on 1 with one student while keeping the other student engaged. This fits in perfectly for me. I have been having one student work on this app while I work with the other one and then we switch!

Bummers: Two bummers for this app – there is only space for 5 usernames. Worked out perfectly for me because I only have 5 students that this is appropriate for but for a bigger classroom this could be an issue. At first I was not a huge fan of the automated voice that reads the questions but I actually did get used to it and it is understandable.

Overall: We gave at a thumbs up and have been using it on a daily basis! 

Check it out: 2nd Grade Splash Math!


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