Why Masking Tape is Your New Best Friend

Masking tape, oh masking tape. You seemingly insignificant roll of sticky goodness. Why is masking tape so important – you may wonder? Read on, my friend. Organization, classroom management, decor, and more – Masking tape has it all.

Masking tape on white boards is my jam! There are so many uses! You can use it to get your board organized, separate subjects of groups, make a boggle board, make a calendar… Possibilities = endless.

{pictures link to reference}

Let’s talk organization. I love the idea of using masking tape for the mess of cords under my computer station. And those color coded dividers set my heart a flutter. {click pic for reference}

What about a little masking tape for classroom management? Uh duh. Instant structure! Look how these stellar teachers use tape to their advantage. Pictures link to reference.


How do you use masking tape in your classroom?


  1. Masking tape is my best friend in my classroom because it creates boundaries for one of my students. No matter what the tape is on my student won’t touch anything with green masking tape on it and won’t cross it if it is on the floor. It creates an amazing invisible wall.

  2. That is so amazing. How great is it that your student respect those rules!

  3. I use red masking tape and duct tape( as long as it sticks and its red) for boundaries as well. I reach ” red means stop”. It has worked very well. I actually had regular education teachers borrow my tape to create their own boundary lines. Pretty exciting when a reg. Ed teacher wants to try one of our tricks!

  4. Love that idea! And so great other teachers are using the same idea 🙂


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