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Everyone and their mother knows how much I am obsessed with my iPads. With more and more amazing apps released each day, I’m sadly admitting – my obsession is at an all time high. I’ve had a few posts detailing my love of that small touch screen box of heaven; I’ve talked about my favorite Literacy Apps, Free Apps, and Charting Data on the iPad (my geeky all time fav!).

Here are some of my current fav math apps. I’ve realized lately my math curriculum has been slacking a little. Teaching reading is so overwhelming and all consuming sometimes math gets pushed to the wayside. And to be totally honest – I don’t love my math facts all too much.

While I am spoiled and please as punch to have a class set of iPads, there is one stipulation – I’m mostly limited to free apps. So I have to get creative and put my research pants on to find the best and most versatile free math apps! Check them out:

Flash to Pass Free This one is my favorite! Pick any operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) and level of difficulty and student completes 50 equations. To put a little frosting on the mathimatical cupcake – the flashcards are timed! BAH – you know what that means. Data time!

Adding Apples: I love this app because it has an awesome visual representation of adding two numbers using different colored apples.

Coin Genius:  Identify which coins add up to each amount.

Freefall Money: Another great money app. Identify the total of the coins.

Juicy Math: Super cute puzzle app. Love this one! The visuals are great support for students who still need the help of some visual prompts while adding.

Number Magic: This a great app for working on one to one correspondence and counting. Free. 

Sushi Monster: This one is obscenely cute. The monster is the sushi chef. There are multiplication and addition options – pick which two numbers add up or multiply up to the target number. Makes me hungry for a spicy salmon roll mmmm.


 Any great math app recommendations??


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