March Resources in February

Yep you read that write. I put the pedal to the medal and made sure I  busted out the March activities I was planning before the big sale. So yes we are talking about St. Patrick’s Day in February. Forgive me please. I am definintely a Christmas decoration after Thanksgiving kind of girl but I could help myself! Oh yea – the sale. It’s tomorrow by the way! I’m excited! Gonna grab me some great goodies! Who loaded their wish list already? My whole store will be 28% off with promo code: SUPER.

For March, I OF COURSE had to make a monthly bingo. My guys go crazy for this and I received quite a bit of attitude when I did not have the January editions all laminated and ready to go on their first day back from break. And actually one of my student reminded me a week ago that February was getting close and wanted to check on our February bingo status. Jeez. Demanding! I suggested the other morning that they play September bingo during their game time of their independent routine and what did I hear back – laughter. Laughter. They thought I was such an idiot. I saw a few eyes roll too as they shook their heads and told me that it was January and they will be playing January bingo. Drama.

So here is March’s edition:

marhc bingo

I also did another set of seasonal File Fold Activities! My Valentine File Folder Activities have been a big hit! I told you all a few weeks ago that I had an unfortunate realization that I was not doing a stellar job including my lower functioning students in on the seasonal fun. File folders to the rescue! Now my kiddos can do seasonal activities too! We even did some of the Valentine’s ones as cut and paste activities which was great! Fine motor skills anyone? The St. Patrick’s Day set of File Folder Activities includes 13 activities to work on counting, sorting, patterns, matching, letters, numbers, and size. Directions for setup and labels are included!

collage for file fodlers


If these look like they would be good for your babies – throw them in your cart for tomorrow’s sale and get them at a great deal!

My ENTIRE TpT store is 28% off – use promo code – SUPER 🙂

sale pictur e- new


ALSO: don’t forget to ‘like’ The Autism Helper on facebook to get a chance at tons of free materials throughout the month of February. The first freebie went out yesterday! One of my most popular adapted books was free for 6 hours yesterday – don’t miss out. The next one may be coming tomorrow…. 🙂

freebie feb.001


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