Lots of Adults, Lots of Kids, and Lots of Changes… Tip to Keep Track of It All

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I don’t know about you but I have a LOT of adults in and out of my room. Paraprofessionals, speech therapist, occupational therapist, social worker, psychologist, case manager … It sometimes seems like a revolving door! With a full case load of students and the behavior problems to match, it also seems like every day there is a change to one of our behavior plans. The time interval has changed, we’ve added a new target social skill, there is a new behavior we are taking data on… you get it. So how do you keep everyone up to date on all of these changes? Without spending half your day updating everyone?

Brillant solution: Dry erase contact paper = intervention update board

– I guess if you could obviously use a regular dry erase board! Dry erase board space is hot commodity in my room so we didn’t really have the room for this. Plus how geniusly amazing is dry erase contact paper? Seriously people?

I keep mine next to my data clipboards and weekly calendar. I write down the initials of the student (it’s more discrete then!) and updates or additions to any behavior plans. It’s right in the middle of the room so everyone can check it before working with a student so they know exactly what’s up.

There is nothing worse than make a change to a behavior plan, getting it started, and then someone else (accidentally) switches it! You basically have to start over!  Prevent those problems before they start!


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