Load Your Carts: Teacher Appreciation Sale!

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Guess what party people?! TpT is throwing a Teacher Appreciation Sale May 6 and May 7.  You know the last few weeks of school can be… how do I put this nicely? Painful? Insanely long? Excruciating? Don’t get me wrong – I love my job & I love my kiddos. But those last few weeks are not my favorite. Use this sale to grab some goodies to make the final days fly by! Plus you will have some sweet new resources to kick start next school year 🙂

You know I am hyper organized so I always like to get my cart ready a bit before the sale! Then once the sale hits – I click purchase and am on my merry way!

A few purchasing suggestions if I may:

Summer Reading Centers & Literacy Games: This set is one of my favorites! Popsicle, lemonade, and beach themed! Who wouldn’t want to participate? So dang adorable! And this resource is jam packed with everything from rhyming to punctuation to sorting and more!

The Autism Helper

The Autism Helper

Thematic Bingo Bundle: The sale is the time to snag those big ticket items. Save even more money with this bundle. When you buy the bundle you get almost 3 bingo games for free! Bingo is a great way for both your higher and lower functioning learners to work on a multitude of skills from vocabulary to problem solving skills to make inferences! My class can’t get enough bingos. Each game comes with two levels of play!

The Autism Helper

Recycling Unit: This is great unit for this time of year because you can do tons of great extension activities outside! My class is going to do a garbage pick up on our park and identify some real recyclable objects!

The Autism Helper

Must Have Forms and Templates: This is one of my best sellers and isn’t called must-have for nothing. This resource has everything and anything to get you and keep you organized. It’s never too late and you’ll have this handy resource ready for next year!

The Autism Helper


Get your carts ready – sale starts at midnight tonight! 28% off all of my resources! 


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