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I had some iCloud issues lately (I still don’t think I quite understand the iCloud…) and had to update my iPads – which I had been putting off. One of my lovely little students rearranged all of my apps on both of my iPads – taking each app out of its nicely categorized folder. I had been dreading fixing it – but it needed to be done. I took the opportunity to download a bunch more apps. I thought I’d share the apps that I love for Language Arts. Some of these I have used with my kids already and some I just downloaded but thought were pretty great! Most of these a free and the rest are less than $3.

So I downloaded ALL of the ABC Magic apps by Preschool University! I liked that they were leveled by vowel types and letter patterns and of course because they were all FREE!

All of the Spelling Apps are laid out the same and have either a “Word Jumble” option or “Moveable Alphabet” – either you the letters of the word are already given to you or you choose from the whole alphabet. You can sort by vowel, blend, or shuffle.

Spelling Magic Short Vowel Words

Spelling Magic Consonant Blends

Spelling Magic Blends and Syllables 

















I think I would only use these reading ones with an adult. You can choose blending, reading, or segmenting and click the boxes to hear the sounds. Then click the picture to see if you’re right after you form the word. I think my kids would click the picture first before working on the sounds if they were working on this independently.

ABC Magic Reading Short Vowel Words

ABC Magic Reading 2 Consonant Blends

ABC Magic Reading 3 Blends and Syllables

















 ABC  Magic 2

Matches letters with words that begin with the letter.  The voice is a little babyish – but a cute app!









ABC Magic 3 Line Matching

Match letters to picture that being with the letter or match 2 pictures that begin with same letter.





















ABC Magic 5 Letter Sound Matching 

Match letters to pictures or pictures to letter and you can customize all of it.

















ABC Magic 8 Sound Matching

Play memory games matching letter to picture or picture to picture for initial consonant sounds.











ABC Sentence Reading Magic Great sentence building app!










Okay done with ABC Magics. Here is my favorite spelling test app. It’s free. Since we have several spelling groups going on at once in my room, this makes my life so much easier. You make the list of words and record your voice saying the words. Kids can put headphones on and take their own individualized spelling test- brilliant!

My Spelling Test









Sight Words! This free app has a bunch of games for preprimary and primary words (3 levels of words for each). There are flashcards plus 3 games for each set of words.









































Phonics Vowels Free sample include 3 only the letter ‘a’ – full version is $2.99 – I think it’s a good price for everything you get – For all vowels you 7 letter patterns, a mixed short vowel set, mixed long vowel set, two vowel set, and can mix all together.









Rhyming Bee Again free trial gives access to 4 rhyming sounds and full version is $2.99. Pick two rhyming sounds. Match rhyming words. Great for discrimination. A little early childhood-ish but very cute!









Silly Sentences 2 Again free trial gives access to 2 letter patterns and full version is $2.99. I like the flow of this app – it starts with flashcards for a set of words, then goes match word to picture, then match vowel to picture, and then match silly sentences all with the same set of words.































Sight Words by Photo Touch Free. Simple receptive word identification app (hear word, touch picture). Has levels preschool – 3rd grade.










My favorite flashcard Apps:

Fry Words – free – create your own lists, record your own voice – very customizable

Sight Words – Dolch lists  – free – create your own lists, record your own voice – very customizable

Sight Words -$0.99




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  1. Thank you so much, these apps are autism friendly. especially for nonverbal kids. I will be using them this year.


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