List as Many as You Can

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The best teacher trick ever? Turn it into a game. Put the word game in front of any activity and your kiddos are suddenly engaged and attentive. It’s freaken’ magic. One of our favorite we-have-a-few-minutes-left-before-we-check-our-schedule games is List as Many as You Can. This activity focuses on vocabulary, speed, cognitive skills, creative thinking, and literacy skills.

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List as Many as You Can:

  1. Give the students a topic. List as many animals, food, words that start with B, etc.
    1. Make this simple: basic categories {food, animals, clothes, people, letters, numbers, toys}
    2. Make this complicated: advanced categories {appliances, plants, vehicles}, attributes {things that are blue, things that are small, breakfast foods}, or literacy concepts {things that rhyme with pot, words that start with Sh}
  2. Set the timer.
  3. Start the timer. Let the students write. When the timer stops, pencils down!
  4. Have the students read their answers.


This is part of our Daily Leveled Work!



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