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Life skills are one of my favorite skillsets to work on! Not only do they target critical concepts that will help our learners become more independent, but they utilize alllll of the other academic skills we have been working so hard to learn. Here is a round-up of my favorite TAH life skills products to use.


Household Skills & Maintenance

Household Themed File Folders: This is a set of 8 file folders targeting different concepts around the home including: putting away clothing, putting away food, items that belong in different rooms, furniture and appliances, small and large items in the home, and items for cleaning and cooking. These have clipart appropriate for all ages and are awesome for centers, independent work, and direct instruction with a small group.

Life Skills Unit Home Edition Bundle: This is a massive resource!  This bundle contains four different units. Each unit contains: 3 levels of pre and post tests, an anchor chart, word wall words with visuals, 3 levels of homework and parent level, visuals for labeling, 3 social stories, 3 adapted books, 5 file folder activities, and over 70 worksheets in a variety of levels. It is truly a comprehensive resource focusing entirely on the home.

In the Community

Life Skills Community Edition Bundle: This product features the same massive and thorough content as the household bundle but all related to places in the community. It is such a functional and age-appropriate resource for all learners. 


Occupations & Employment,  Finances

Data Entry Work Tasks: This tool is a student favorite because they have to use a computer. Students follow pre-made sets of data related to real-world situations and input the numbers into a structured excel document.

Personal Information Mega Pack Bundle: This multi-level bundle targets identifying personal information such as name, address, birthday, and more essential information. All of the activities are editable so they can be customized to individual student information. The three levels target the information using matching, interactive activities, “forms” like job applications, writing, and tracing. Check out Sasha’s blog post on the product here to read more about this awesome resource! 

General Life Skills Resources

These four products target a range of different life skills across different levels. 

Easy Matching Weekly Workbooks Life Skills Edition: This is a set of 5 adapted books (one for each day of the week). Students work on a variety of life skills based activities by completing errorless tasks, matching tasks, and following concrete directions. This is a student favorite! 

What’s in the Cart/Fridge/Cabinet? Adapted Book Series:  This is a set of 3 adapted books featuring all real photographs. The students follow a direction containing a number no greater than 6 on each page. For example, “Put 4 vegetables in the cart.” It is great for targeting counting and vocabulary. 

What’s in the Suitcase/Wallet/Purse? Adapted Book Series: This series follows the same concepts/process as the books described above. All three books have real photographs and realistic items for the suitcase, wallet, and purse. 

What Do I Need? Life Skills Task Cards: This is a brand new product and I’m obsessed! It has over 50 task cards related to every day situations. Each card has a visual choice of three for the students to name, point, or circle their answer. It is very functional and age-appropriate for most students. 

I’d love to hear your comments with your favorite life skills activities or ideas for what you’d like to see more of! 

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