Special Education Teachers are busy. We have IEPs, lesson plans, behavior plans, staff training, staff meetings, parent meetings, parent communication, communication systems, AAC devices, clinician collaboration, case managers, and once in a blue moon we may need to use the bathroom. The absolute last thing on our radar is homework – especially if you are a new teacher or in a new classroom. We are elbow deep in the craziness of back to school season and some well- meaning but not well-received parent asks when we are planning on starting to send homework home. The first time I got that message, I’m pretty sure I sobbed. As a new teacher, I could barely get through planning for the school day much less planning for what my kids will be doing after the school day.

I do think homework is really important. It drives me nuts that my cousin who has special needs gets no homework every day while his sister who is in the same grade as him gets homework every day. What message is that sending? He should have homework and participate in after-school homework time with his siblings (don’t worry, I fixed the no-homework situation real quick).

But I get the time constraints that face us when it comes to creating homework. Because we usually can’t just make one set of homework for our whole class. It has to be individualized. I have the solution. Leveled Homework to the rescue. This product will last you seamlessly from August to June – the ENTIRE school year! There are 3 Levels and a Bundle to grab all 3 sets. Each level contains 36 weekly homework packets. Each packet has different work for each day of the week! Print once, make copies, and your prep work is done. It’s that simple.

Each homework packet is two pages with a section for each day of the week. This is a major time saver and ensure all students are busy with appropriately leveled work! This will free up your time & provide appropriate homework activities for the whole year! Check out the video tours in the product description to see if this would be a good fit for your class!

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